We supply:

* Seasoned hardwood deliveries

* Barrow bags

* Bulk / dumpy bags

* 1m3 vent bags or loose

* 1.3m loads

* 1.75m loads

* 2.5m loads

* 5.0m loads

* Kiln dried logs

* Kindling

* Firelighters

* House coal

Stacking Service

stackoflogsWe also offer a stacking service. For more details, please contact us

Kiln Dried Logs

Why? Our kiln dried logs our imported from Latvia where it is processed in to palletised wooden stillages with no waste every split log is packed in then sent off for the drying process in computer operated drying chambers for 7-8 days , Then when shipped by container to our yard it is unloaded into weather proof buildings awaiting delivery to you

In the kiln dried range we are supplying

* Ash

* Ash oak & birch

* Birch

Kiln dried logs are perfect for immediate burning in any stove or open fire. They produce a greater heat output. Kiln died logs are dried to less than 20 % moisture so not only are the ready for instant use they are also free from decay & fungi

The kilns have computer operated drying chambers so the operators can control the drying process to get the desired moisture content

For prices, please call 01604 864662 or 07930 754877
or email

Firewood Facts

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Good Fire Lighting Techniques

Knowing how to prepare, lay and light a fire as well as knowing how to extinguish a fire safely and clear fireplace correctly are all equally important. A fire needs to be built carefully so it is always worth taking time to prepare everything before you light your fire.

For the wood to burn it needs oxygen. You may need to blow gently or use bellows to help the flames spread.

Remove any one of these essential elements and the fire will go out.

Always overnite your logs inside to get the maximum from your next fire

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