About our wood

All of the logs we sell are from sustainable sources

How do we season our wood?

Immediately after the wood has been harvested it is transported to the wood yard. It is stacked, stored and left to season in our weather proof barn for a minimum of eight months. This process ensures that when burned it will be to its full potential with minimum smoke and maximum flame.

Why do we supply mixed loads?

To get the best results from burning logs in an open fire or log burner a good mixture of heat, flame & air are required. Ash, Oak & beech are the main hardwoods we supply in our loads. Fruit woods & eucalyptus are sometimes available which will give your home a truly fantastic aroma .Please call for availability

Our logs are produced in a standard sizes of 6"-8" , 8"-10" & 10"-12".We can also supply in cords , rings or cut them to your required size as this will ensure maximum heat & maximum burning time .

Our timber is sourced from the FSC (Forestry stewardship council)

Firewood Facts

Firewood Facts Winter-Spring
Firewood Facts Spring-Summer
Firewood Facts Autumn
Firewood Facts Autumn2

Good Fire Lighting Techniques

Knowing how to prepare, lay and light a fire as well as knowing how to extinguish a fire safely and clear fireplace correctly are all equally important. A fire needs to be built carefully so it is always worth taking time to prepare everything before you light your fire.

For the wood to burn it needs oxygen. You may need to blow gently or use bellows to help the flames spread.

Remove any one of these essential elements and the fire will go out.

Always overnight your logs inside to get the maximum from your next fire

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We Supply:

  • Seasoned hardwood deliveries
  • Barrow bags
  • Bulk / dumpy bags
  • 1m3 vent bags or loose
  • 1.3m loads
  • 1.75m loads
  • 2.5m loads
  • 5.0m loads
  • Kiln dried logs
  • Kindling
  • Firelighters
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Stacking service

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We also offer a stacking service.
Please contact us for more details.

Approved Woodfuel Merchant
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